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‘The many large-scale, protracted humanitarian crises in the world today have created a tremendous need for emergency aid. The UN Central Emergency Response Fund ensures that aid can quickly reach those who need it when acute crises arise, and provides sorely needed funding for underfunded emergencies. Norway is therefore providing NOK 380 million for this Fund in 2017,’ said Minister of Foreig... Lees meer

Foto: nobelprize.org.

‘I would like to congratulate this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos,’ said Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Lees meer

The Ambassador. 
Foto: Rolf Estensen.

Dear visitor, welcome to the website of the Norwegian Embassy in The Hague! The positive relationship between Norway and the Netherlands goes back a long time and spans many different areas. Lees meer

Since 1994 and the entering into force of the EEA agreement, the European Commission and three of the EFTA states (Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) have agreed on three five-year funding schemes. These schemes aim to reduce economic and social disparities and strengthen economic cooperation with 16 countries in Central and Southern Europe. In the latest scheme for 2009-2014, strengthening... Lees meer

Foto: Image by the ICC.

Thursday 7. July 2016, Norway signed an enforcement agreement with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. According to the agreement, persons convicted by the ICC can serve their sentences in Norway, if so decided by the Court and accepted by Norway. This does not impose an obligation to accept any particular convict for serving of sentence in Norway, but sets out the general... Lees meer

Foto: Ambassaden i Haag.

“In order to achieve the objectives of the Paris climate agreement we need fast changes in the electricity sector and in private car transport, in addition to a strong energy efficiency improvement in all sectors.” – Eirik Wærness Lees meer

Foto: Arild Lyssand.

With its unique nature, pristine wilderness and numerous resources, the Arctic region has mesmerized and captivated humankind for centuries. The Arctic is attracting increasing global interest, as it is a region with a number of resources and a region where climate change first appears. Norway is one of the Arctic countries. Developments in the Arctic are creating major opportunities, but it al... Lees meer

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Ambassaden i Haag mottar et stort antall henvendelser fra ulike grupper i Norge som skal på studietur til Nederland. Mange besøkende ønsker bistand fra ambassaden til å planlegge oppholdet. Vi har dessverre ikke anledning til å yte all den assistanse som etterspørres, som å utarbeide programmer og inngå besøksavtaler. Ambassaden kan imidlertid veilede besøkende til hvilken etat de kan ta kontak... Lees meer